About Me

IMG_0143At the age of seven I was accepted to the Moscow Gnessins School for gifted children. During the following eleven years I was blessed with having so many excellent teachers and talented classmates. Evgeny Kissin who is one of the most celebrated pianists in the world today, was in our class. I was also very fortunate to play duets with a violinist Julia Krasko, the future winner of the Paganini Competition in Genoa.

Upon graduation from the Gnessins School in 1989 I entered the Russian Academy of Music, also located in Moscow. I continued my piano studies with professor Vladimir M. Tropp, an exceptional pianist and teacher. His teacher was professor Theodore D. Gutman, who in turn was a student of the great Heinrich Neuhaus. While having selected piano as my major, I also devoted my time to playing in various chamber ensembles, including violin and cello duet, quartet and quintet. Again I was fortunate to meet a talented violinist, Michael Spivak. We played many wonderful duets together, including sonatas by Brahms and Franck. In the Mastery of Accompanying class I worked on numerous songs and vocal cycles with various singers under the guidance of the amazing musician Natella M. Tevdoy-Burmuly. During five years I spent at the Academy I performed as a soloist and a member of chamber ensembles in many Moscow concert halls including Scriabin Museum, Goldenveyzer Museum, Composer’s Union, Small and Grand Halls of the Academy.

However, the most exciting and rewarding experience was becoming a piano teacher myself. Starting as a sophomore and until the graduation from the Academy I studied the methods of piano teaching with Bertha L. Kremenshteyn and had practical teaching lessons with Irina M. Ivanova. Ms. Ivanova was supervising my work with two students. I am proud to say that our efforts resulted in such a success that both students later became professional musicians. Since then teaching piano has occupied an important place in my life.

In 1994 I graduated from the Russian Academy of Music with MA diploma with honors.

I remain an active performer both as a soloist and chamber ensemble player. Over the past 20 years I have performed in many concert venues in Massachusetts, including Boston University Concert Hall, Pickman Hall at Longy School of Music, Steinert Halls in Boston and Natick and Rivers Conservatory in Weston.

Below are the links to my recent performances: